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      Phosphorus Oxychloride

      product name Phosphorus Oxychloride
      Molecular Formula POCl3
      Molecular Weight 153.37
      CAS NO. 10025-87-3
      Product Quality Test Items Top Class First Class Qualified Class
      Assay,% ≥99.0 ≥98.5 ≥98.0
      PCl3% ≤0.20 ≤0.50 ≤0.80
      Boiling Point(105-109°Cv/v) ≥97.0 ≥96.0 ≥95.0
      Properties It's colorless fuming liquid with strong irritative smell with density of 1.675, melting point of 1.2 °C and boiling point of 105.1 °C.It can turn into reddish yellow when dissovled in chlorine and PCl5.Violent smoke can be generated when exposed to moist air,then phosphoric acid and hydrogen chloride can come into being. Heat and hydrogen chloride gas can be genereated when it reacts with water and ethanol. It′s irrative and corrosive
      Usage Mainly used for pesticides, medicine, dye, phosphric acid ester and flame retardant, it′s raw material for pesticides and herbcide ,also can be used as intermediater for dye industry,chlorinating agent and catalyzer, extractant for uranium ore.
      Package In dry clean plastic drum or ISO tank. UN No:81040 It’s class A inorganic acidic corrosives and transport regulations for dangerous goods should be followed. It should be kept in a cool well ventilated place and avoid any inflammable and air slacking goods.