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      Thiophosphoryl Chloride

      Product name Thiophosphoryl Chloride Thiophosphoryl Chloride
      Molecular Formula PSCl3
      Molecular Weight 169.4
      CAS NO. 3982-91-0
      Product Quality Test Items Top Class First Class Qualified Class
      Appearance colorless transparent liquid
      Assay,% ≥98.5 ≥98.0 ≥97.5
      Alkali-washed,% ≤0.3 ≤0.5 ≤1.0
      Properties It's compound of sulfur,phosphoric and chlorine with appearance of colorless or light yellow liquid,irrative.Its boiling point is 125 °C,melting point is 35 °C, relative density is 1.635, refractive index is 1.635(25°C).It can slowly decompose in cold water and rapidly decomposed in hot water and alkaline solution. It's dissovlable in benzene,carbon tetrachloride,carbon bisulfide,trichloromethane and chloroform.
      Usage It's a kind of important intermediate for organic phosphorus pesticides ,a part of medicine and plastics
      Package In PVF plastic drum ,and drums should be nitrogen-filled and airproof.