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      Triphenyl Phosphine(TPP)

      Product name Triphenyl Phosphine Triphenyl Phosphine
      Molecular Formula C18H15P
      Molecular Weight 262.29
      CAS No. 603-35-0
      Molecular Structure
      Product Quality Test Items Specification
      Appearance White Flakes
      Assay ≥99.8%
      TPPO ≤0.2%
      Melting Point 80-82℃
      Cl ≤10mg/kg
      S ≤10mg/kg
      Na ≤1mg/kg
      Mg ≤1mg/kg
      Fe ≤1mg/kg
      As reference
      Properties In lower than room temperature,it's colorless or pale yellow monocline crystallization. Higher than room temperature,it's colorless or pale yellow oily liquid,irritating odour, irritant to skin,m.p.about 22℃, b.p.360℃(0.1MPa), nD 1.589, relative density 1.184(20℃).It is compatible with organic solvents, such as, alcohols, ethers, benzene, acetone and so on, insoluble in water.
      Usage It widely used in medicine, petrochemical industry, coatings, rubber etc.It can be used as catalyst,promoter,flame retardant,light&thermal stabilizer,lubricants anti-oxidation, and also can be used as polymerization initiators, the material of antibacterial drugs,such as clindamycin etc.
      Package 25KG,40KG Bag, Fiber Drum, Steel Drum